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The Catcher Was a Spy

Movie Based On The True Story of Moe Berg

This movie is based on a true story of espionage and thrilling drama. It is the story of Morris “Moe” Berg, who was a catcher for the Boston Red Sox during the twenties and thirties. He had also attended ivy league schools which were known for their patriotism back in the day (things are very different now in that regard arn’t they?). Berg was also a gifted linguist who had mastered seven languages and had impressed Bill Donovan, a former baseball player himself. Later as Donovan led the OSS he recruited Berg and eventually tapped him for an incredible mission, hunt down the head of the Nazi atomic weapons program Werner Heisenberg (yes, that Heisenberg).

We encourage all students of espionage and history to read the book and see the movie, seeing great characters from history portrayed in film is a great way to etch events in your mind.

What are other saying about the movie? Here is a tweet from author Patrick K. O’Donnell:


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