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Protect Yourself Against The Threat of Cyber Espionage

These best practices can make it much harder on the spies who want your data

It is an unfortunate fact of modern life that there are people and organizations who want to steal your private information. History shows these bad guys will always keep trying. But history also shows you can take action to thwart their attacks, and you owe it to yourself to try don’t you think?

Here are some tips to help kickstart your defensive measures:

  1. Use multi-factor authentication on all your accounts. This will reduce the threat of a bad guy being able to get into the account by stealing your passwords or guessing your credentials.
  2. Keep your systems updated. This will reduce the threat of bad guys exploiting vulnerabilities in your software.
  3. Track the latest tactics being used by the bad guys. This will help you keep your wits about you and keep you thinking about what to do in the future.

To learn more visit This site provides in-depth examinations of all things cyber including your home IT. Look for the section on Protecting Yourself.

We also recommend the video at: 7 Essential Steps to Secure Your Smartphone.

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