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Newton A. McCully: The U.S. Navy’s Pioneering Spymaster

On The Front Lines in the Russo-Japanese War

Newton McCully was Navy through and through. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1887, and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. By 1904 he was a military observer embedded with the Imperial Russian Army on the front lines of the Russo-Japanese war. Upon war’s end he returned to the United States and submitted well documented, detailed lessons and observations from the war, and was instrumental in helping the Navy understand the impact of new weapons on War. By 1914 he returned to Russia as a naval attache, and by 1918 he was promoted to rear admiral and placed in charge of all US Navy forces in northern Russia.

For more on Admiral McCully we recommend:An American Naval Diplomat in Revolutionary Russia: The Life and Times of Vice Admiral Newton A. McCully

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