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Harriet Tubman: Genius at work

You learned of her great works leading the underground railroad, now get the rest of the story

Few people realize how great a spy Harriet Tubman was. She is known as an abolitionist, humanitarian and leader of the Underground Railroad. But some of her greatest accomplishments were in getting information for the Union Army and providing war winning intelligence. She began early in the war leading bands of scouts. She worked under the orders of the Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and mapped the unfamiliar terrain. She provided key intelligence to Colonel James Montgomery, providing him with the info he needed to capture Jacksonville, Florida.

She was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war, guiding guided the raid at Combahee Ferry, which liberated more than 700 slaves.

She kept her spying up for years, feeding actionable intelligence to the Union Army.

It is a horrible fact of our history that she was treated horribly for her incredible service. We owe her far more than any of us could give her. At a minimum we should honor her service and keep our study of her actions up.

There are many lessons from Harriet Tubman’s service that we should remember for today. One is that bravery knows no bounds and that all of us should find the courage to do what we think is right.

Read more about Harriet Tubman at: Harriet Tubman, Secret Agent: How Daring Slaves and Free Blacks Spied for the Union During the Civil War

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