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Four Spies and Traitors Who Sold Out America

Review of four traitors from four different intelligence agencies, the ultimate insider threat

Former KGB, CIA and FBI agents analyze six recent high-profile cases where double agents compromised America’s security.

These traitors caused significant damage to our national security and resulted in death of agents who had been collecting against the Soviet Union. They even moved us closer to nuclear war.

They were motivated by greed, seeking money. They also sought sex.

They included Richard Miller, and FBI agent with 20 years of service. Former navy civilian John Walker, who had systematically sabotaged the navy for 16 years. Michael Walker and John Whitworth were also part of this ring. Vitaly Yurchinko, a senior KGB official defected in the fall of 1985. He revealed two spies, saying one worked for the CIA. This led to Edward Lee Howard. He also provided clues that led to a spy at the NSA, Ronald Pelton.

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