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    Science of Spying – Secrets of the CIA | Documentary | 1965

    This video from 1965 on the Science of Spying is excellently narrated to John Chancellor, and features a really well done opening scene you will not want to miss. 

    The contextualizing is excellent, and many good points about spying are made, like how important it is to self protection. Definitely worth a look. 

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    Cyber Espionage: The Chinese Threat

    We have all been warned about cyber espionage and the way it targets the intellectual property of businesses in every sector of the economy. This video provides important context on this threat. As our intellectual property is stolen parts of our future are also being taken. The cost to firms is impossible to calculate.

    The Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is revealed in this video.
    How are they doing it? Through the modern version of the same spy game that has been underway since the beginning of time.

    A key reason to study the cyber threat and cyber spies is to motivate yourself for a better defense. To do that we recommend a visit to ThingsCyber.com

    This site also reviews the most critical components of the Tech Landscape and provides insights into Cyber Threats.

  • James Bond: Dr. No

    The legend continues! Stand by for more adventures with the sector’s greatest secret agent, as a few of his such a lot thrilling missions are collected for the primary time ever! When two M15 agents disappear in Jamaica, Bond is sent to analyze – but a mysterious assailant attempts to dispatch 007 with the whole thing from poisoned nectarines to killer centipedes! And when Bond links the attacks to the island of Crab Key, owned by the mysterious Doctor No, his troubles are just beginning! This new edition also collects Diamonds Are Perpetually and From Russia, With Love! Not only that, it also includes a new introduction by Eunice Gayson (Sylvia Trench) and the overall a part of a feature examining the post-Fleming novels!

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    Every James Bond Movie Ranked Worst To Best

    Opinions may vary on this, but the quick overview of every James Bond movie (and even the strange TV show of Bond the CIA agent) will get you thinking about your favorite 007 video. 

    What are your views? Agree with the ranking? Maybe this is a good excuse to bing watch all the videos yourself!

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    Gordon Welchman: The Codebreaker Who Hacked Hitler and Started The Cloud Computing Revolution

    Gordon Welchman established most most critical functions of Bletchley Park, including the key traffic analysis functions known as “Hut 6”.

    Gordon Welchman worked closely with Alan Turing, coming up with inspired, improvised solutions to improve the Bombe solution, reducing the time it takes to read enemy messages to hours instead of days. By 1941, Bletchley’s decodes were now changing the course of the war.

    Gordon moved to the U.S. and was instrumental in the postwar national security community and in shaping the U.S. intelligence community, especially the NSA. He continued to innovate throughout his life. He established networking ideas and approaches including new methods for command and control of the military and game changing methods of managing battles. He anticipated the Internet and the development of the cloud and cloud computing.

    He published a book of his memories, titled The Hut Six Story, but this got him into trouble with NSA and caused him to lose his clearance. That is a very sad day in history, and something I wish we could apologize to him for.

    He had made decisive impacts on both World War Two and the Cold War. And really deserves our thanks for what he has done.

    For more see: The Hut Six Story: Breaking the Enigma Codes

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    A Murder Of Quality

    This movie is based on John Le Carre’s second novel of the same name. It feature George Smiley, the most famous of le Carré’s recurring characters. This is a great mystery with lots of drama and a solution that could only come through Smiley’s great wit and his spy intellect. But it is set the espionage community. Enjoy!

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    Four Spies and Traitors Who Sold Out America

    Former KGB, CIA and FBI agents analyze six recent high-profile cases where double agents compromised America’s security.

    These traitors caused significant damage to our national security and resulted in death of agents who had been collecting against the Soviet Union. They even moved us closer to nuclear war.

    They were motivated by greed, seeking money. They also sought sex.

    They included Richard Miller, and FBI agent with 20 years of service. Former navy civilian John Walker, who had systematically sabotaged the navy for 16 years. Michael Walker and John Whitworth were also part of this ring. Vitaly Yurchinko, a senior KGB official defected in the fall of 1985. He revealed two spies, saying one worked for the CIA. This led to Edward Lee Howard. He also provided clues that led to a spy at the NSA, Ronald Pelton.

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    The True Story Of The D Day Spies BBC Documentary

    Well researched context on the web of espionage that drove the biggest deception in military history, which directly supported the successful D-Day landings. Hitler believed he had a highly effective spy network in the UK. Turns out they were all double agents working for the Allies. Every spy sent by Hitler was caught by Britain. The penalty for spying in war was death. But those who chose to could find a different path. They could serve the cause of good and live!

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